IMAGEN dataset main page:
Release date: 2016-10-17

This is the first server that delivers the complete BL, FU1, FU2 datasets. Individual analysis are available regarding (i) task-based and resting state fMRI, (ii) FreeSurfer, NewSegment and SPM analysis for the anatomical data and (iii) pre-processing for the DW images. When available additional documentation was added.

Additional remarks:

  • Improvment of the brainomics2 model efficiency (inline introduced),
  • All pre-processed data for the task-based fMRI (NeuroSpin) and rs-fMRI (the latter processed by H Walter team – La CharitĂ© Hospital Berlin),
  • All first line analysis data (processed NeuroSpin)
  • All Freesurfer-segmentation data (processed and compiled NeuroSpin)
  • Improvement of the registration tool.

We have detected the following errors in this dataset, to be fixed in the next release:

  • The ADNI MPRAGE and short MPRAGE are both identified as ADNI MPRAGE.
  • The following subjects had been swapped at BL and FU1, therefore disregard BL and FU1 data from these subjects:
    • 000033343345
    • 000099345085
  • The following subjects had been swapped at FU2, therefore disregard FU2 data from these subjects:
    • 000004941007
    • 000013243745
  • The FU2 imaging data of the following subjects is incorrect, therefore disregard FU2 imaging data from these subjects:
    • 000000663084
    • 000001088410
    • 000026193033
    • 000033691855
    • 000041266477
    • 000055440249
    • 000062858760
    • 000063301798
  • Some Psytools questionnaires are missing and many Psytools questionnaires do not provide all the expected variables. As a workaround, download up-to-date and properly derived Psytools questionnaires as CSV files using SFTP:
    • s
    • s
    • s
    • s
  • Dawba questionnaires use a mixture of dots and commas as decimal separators. As a workaround, download up-to-date Dawba questionnaires as CSV files using SFTP:
    • s
    • s
    • s
    • s