IMAGEN dataset main page:
Release date: 2015-07-02

We added: the whole sets of questionnaires, imputed data, CNV data. The expression and methylation data will be released in a patch version. With this version, it is possible to reach some documentation attached to the data: the access to this documentation is context dependent. It must be noticed that this documentation is not complete and we will appreciate your feedback on it and contributions.

Version 2.3 exhibits some capabilities of the final renovated version. In particular:

  • navigation according to natural pivotal concepts (subjects, exams),
  • faceting functions that enables to refine intuitively the current
  • statistics functions in the context of the view,
  • access to the data download mechanisms,
  • access rights are operating and enforced.
Version 2.3.1

Minor changes to version 2.3. Fixed indexing issue for some questionnaires (ESPAD_CHILD_FU, ESPAD_CHILD_FU2, TLFB_FU2, VIDGAME_CHILD_FU2, CIDS_PARENT_FU2). Expression and methylation data are now available.