Psytools, Dawba and Cantab data

WP4_SOP_Annex_instruments_variable_names.pdf Maren Struve 2012-04-12
This document describes the BL and FU1 instruments and variable names. It can also be found in millarium as WP4_SOP_Annex.doc
SOP_Annex_FU2_16.06.2017.pdf Frauke Nees 2018-03-25
Describes the instruments and their variable names in FU2.
SOP_Annex_IMAGEN_FU3_v8_.pdf Frauke Nees 2020-10-10
Describes the instruments and their variable names in FU3.
IMAGEN_Instruments_BLtoFU3.pdf Erin Quinlan 2019-03-13
Evolution of Imagen instruments over time points from BL to FU3.

We have stored in Github:

Imaging data

fmri_current_v1.pdf Benjamin Thyreau 2010-09-24
fmri model setting and contrasts list
processings_faq.pdf Benjamin Thyreau 2011-01-13
FAQ on imaging data processings
DTIpreprocessing.pdf Hervé Lemaître 2018-01-31
DTI processings details and authorships

We have stored in Github:

Obsolete documentation?

Documentation previously published on the old Imagen XNAT server, mostly inherited from the initial database team and written for baseline (BL) and follow up 1 (FU1) :

QCgenotypeBatch12-1.pdf Jean-Baptiste Poline 2010-10-18
This document describes the quality check on the SNP data ie which subjects were removed and why.
Database_handling_Berlin_workshop_slides.pdf Alexis Barbot 2010-11-03
Slides of the presentation done at Berlin workshop on Database Handling (28th of October 2010)
Gender_and_age_inclusion_schema.pdf Alexis Barbot 2011-03-08
Some explanations regarding age and gender, where does it come from and how can it be missing.
Genetic_qc_readme.txt Alexis Barbot 2011-07-28
Description of the various files from the genetic qc.
parzen_outlier_scores.txt Alexis Barbot 2012-04-10
Details about the fMRI Contrasts Parzen outlier scores
freesurfer_QC.rst Jean-Baptiste Poline 2012-04-25
A description of the freesurfer Quality Check data Jean-Baptiste Poline 2012-08-01
A python script to help finding the non estimable contrast.
R_check_estimable.rc Jean-Baptiste Poline 2012-08-01
An R extract to help finding the non estimable contrasts.
IMAGEN gene expression_SD.docx Barbara Ruggeri & Sylvane Desrivières 2015-06-18
Gene expression analyses in IMAGEN samples
Methylation protocol_final.pdf Sylvane Desrivières et al. 2015-06-25
DNA methylation analyses in IMAGEN samples
IMAGEN_DATA_ACCESS_2015-10-08.pdf Dimitri Papadopoulos 2015-10-08
To access BL, FU1 and FU2 data, use the new Imagen V2 server. The legacy XNAT server is not available anymore.