The IMAGEN database contains data collected and processed by the Imagen consortium from over 2000 adolescents and their parents. It includes demographics, neuropsychological assessments, medical questionnaires, MR neuroimaging and genomics. Data have been collected over a period of 10 years in 8 recruitment centers and over 4 successive time points: baseline at age 14 (BL), follow-up 1 at age 16 (FU1), follow-up 2 at age 19 (FU2) and follow-up 3 at age 22 (FU3).


While the initial intent was to avoid siblings in the Imagen dataset, please take into account the following list of siblings who have made it into the dataset:

  • 000018931943, 000067854391
  • 000021729241, 000096466079
  • 000059625999, 000067955800
  • to be completed…

Detailed documentation is available both in the database itself and from this specific page.

We have released successive versions of the Imagen dataset:

Dataset version Release date
2.6 2016-10-17
2.5 2016-04-08
2.4 2015-11-19
2.3 2015-07-02
2.2 2014-12-11

The seminal European project published data from baseline (BL) and the first follow-up (FU1) on a customized XNAT server ( We don’t have detailed versioning information for these data releases and part of the software used to manage the dataset is not available any more, being partially proprietary or too complex to be maintained and published.

For follow-ups 2 and 3 (FU2 and FU3), we moved as much as possible to open source software and scripts. Data have been released on a new server ( in well-defined versions and we have kept a log of these successive versions (numbered 2.*).

Access data and software

To access the IMAGEN database, please refer to the data access policy.

We have written specific software and scripts for data collection, quality control, processing and publishing. We have published and maintain most of this software in GitHub.