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IMAGEN is a European research project examining how biological, psychological, and environmental factors during adolescence may influence brain development and mental health. Using brain imaging and genetics, the project will help develop prevention strategies and improved therapies for mental health disorders in the future.

The project has been initially funded by the European Commission, and has subsequently received funding from various agencies including the European Research Council (ERC), Medical Research Council (MRC), National Institute for Health Research UK (NIHR), Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), German Federal Ministry of Research & Education (BMBF), National Institute for Health Research US (NIHR) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The IMAGEN project spans 8 sites across 4 EU countries; UK, Germany, France and Ireland.

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Impact for the EU

Mental disorders are a major health problem with a lifetime prevalence of more than 25% (WHO report 2001). According to the WHO, 25% of the general population will have one or more mental disorders during their lifetime: this is a major health problem. In Europe, 34 million people in 2004 had addiction, affective and anxiety disorders which amounted to an annual cost to society of at least 204 billion Euros.



IMAGEN Europe has been widely published in industry journals as well as being referenced in industry and academic reports.


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